Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is extreme good editing options. It nearly works similarly to the Layer Mask. But layer masking increases the file size a lot which takes time to upload and download the images. But the Alpha channel masking system doesn’t increase the file size but gives very good quality. Alpha channel masking mainly used to add the images with the active path and the background to a new channel. With the help of alpha channel masking, we can change the color of the background and also can increase or decrease the brightness or contrast. So it’s a very useful service.

Hair & Flesh Masking

As we said masking is needed where clipping path service can’t give all the details as wanted. So for the magazine or catalog, e-commerce web models images, it’s really a must necessary to have the full hairy details. And for the hairy details, you must have to use masking. We call that masking “Hair masking”. With this kind of edit, we can keep all the details as much as possible of the hairs. But it’s not possible with clipping path services. Model images include very thinner hair details and sometimes it also needs to keep their fleshes details where there are so many fur areas in the image. So to keep the hairs details and fleshes details we must have to use the hair and flesh masking edition by Adobe Photoshop editing options. Actually, we do use many kinds of masking to make looking good to the image. Such as layer mask, refine mask, channel mask, etc. We always try many options to make the images look better.

Tree Masking & Transparency Masking

We all know that the images of trees are much hard to do clipping with the pen tool when all the soft and small holes details are needed. But by masking we can clip all the details as possible. Transparency masking means when you need to change the background of the glasses. Because it isn’t possible to remove the background from under the glasses or plastic packets. So to remove the background we use the transparency masking system. That’s all for the glass transparency. Actually, we do mask the background 1st and then change it to transparent. Furry garments products, dolls all products like these need to do masking to keep the details. To change a product’s original background to transparency then you have to do masking with the image. By image masking, we can change the background of the products which is not possible by Photoshop pen tool clipping.

How to do the mask?

Adobe Photoshop image masking is a unique editing option. It’s not very hard to do masking an image. But everyone can’t do it. Only experienced designers like us can to the masking perfectly. When only the clipping path is not enough to give all the details of the images then masking helps it a lot. Cut out service is used to clip normal images like which have clear details. But masking needs to the images which have furry details. It’s not possible to give all the furry details of the image by the Photoshop pen tool clipping path service. Masking can easily give 100% details of those furry details photos. To do a mask on a photo we must use the Adobe Photoshop image masking system. It’s the best way to do a good masking on your images.

Why Image Editing Media

We are always available. We have Adobe specialist guys. Most are we use the pen tab is for masking. We also use many different tools to keep the soft details as much as possible. So don’t think this is enough to satisfy you.