How does it work?

As we said that it means joining two parts into one. Actually, it’s not possible to shoot a perfect photo only the garments products without models or mannequins. So the photographers use mannequins or models. But because of the models or mannequin, it’s not possible to take both parts in a single image. That’s why the photographer takes two shots for one garment one is of the front side and the other is of the backside and we do joint both part with the help of Photoshop service. Then garments look to fulfill. We also need to add a little shadow near the neck part that’s called a natural shadow to make the images more good and natural.

Resize & Symmetric

We do edit images to make them a perfect look. But for the neck joint service only after neck jointing is not over the work. We also have some more things to give the perfection of the image. When shooting photo the products are not symmetric at all. When we remove the mannequin and then the images look like a little zigzag. So we do symmetric the images. Then the images look perfect and more real. To upload the images on web there must require a fixed size. In an e-commerce site, there people uploads a lot of garments images daily so who they do the same kinds of business must need to edit here as resizing, center and symmetric. When this all is done then the image looks great and its impress the customer’s attractions.

Which Photos Need This

As this service includes resizing, symmetric, center, positioned also so any kind of images can be edited with its required services. But Most of the garments and so many things need this service much. This service is mainly for the garments products like shirts, jackets, coat, pants, t-shirts, hoody jackets, underwear, nickels, scarf, etc and so other garments products can be neck jointed by using Photoshop invisible ghost mannequin service.

Why Image Editing Media

We all know practice makes a man perfect. And we are practicing these kinds of editing works since 2010. Don’t you think that much experience is enough to gain your trust? We all are experts in any kind of Adobe Photoshop works. You can try us to check our service. You are always welcome to us. We are 24 hours available to make you satisfy with our services.