Natural Shadow

We all know natural means real. It’s not possible for the photographers to maintain all the things during the photo shoot. So sometimes images didn’t get any shadow. And the image looks very odd and unreal. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, we can easily add a soft shadow or a natural show as the environment of the images. Then it can easily snatch the attraction of the clients, customers and also the users.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is truly a fake shadow. All of this makes by Photoshop. It’s a creative effect of Photoshop. It’s mostly used in the product images. Cause it’s not possible for the photographer to create a shadow to the images where it needed. Practically shadow can’t be created. But if the photographers can rearrange the lighting and change the environment of the studios then sometimes it’s possible to add some shadow in the images naturally. But it wastes many times and money also. Drop shadows basically placed where there practically impossible add shadow. We can make drop shadow anywhere of the photo like upper side, lower side, left the side, right side. But we can’t make a 3D shape to the images we add a drop shadow. By adding drop shadow we can make the images more natural which will be very much helpful to extend the beauty side of the e-commerce page, websites, catalogs, magazines, etc.

Reflection Shadow

All the reflections are one kind of shadow. But all shadow is not a reflection. Shadow can be added in any images and anywhere. But reflection can’t be added any images. Reflections are like a reflex of the product on the mirror surface. Shadows can be added anywhere but without a mirror, reflections can’t be created. Actually, it can be but the image looks so much fake. By adding reflection images look more charming. For the jewelry images, reflections needed much. Besides them also the e-commerce owners and magazine creators company also need to edit their images with this service to make their images more attractive to the customers.

Which images need Shadow/Reflections

All the images need shadow cause without it the images looks so fake. But the most is model images, shoes, cars, jewelry images, and so other images need the shadow and reflection service. All the online business’s photos, websites photos, e-commerce photos, photographers photos need this kind of editions very much.

Why choose us

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