Photoshop Re-Coloring

Color change is a most important and helpful option for the photographers and also for the e-commerce owners. Think as you are a photographer and you are shooting garments products. Same garments but they have different colors. So you don’t have to capture them individually. Capture just one nicely and give it to us. Also, name what the other colors you need. We will change the product’s color as your requirements. It will save your time and also working. To change the product color 1st we need Adobe Photoshop. We need to clip the product by using the pen tool or can select the product for the mask. We always do what makes the product a good shape by clipping or masking. Then we change the color of the product as you want.

Photo Color Adjustment

Color correction is a wonderful editing option. It nearly works like magic. During a photoshoot because of lighting problems, environmental problems and the cause of camera settings problem the original color of the images may be changed. Then the images may look so fake. But with the help of Adobe Photoshop by changing the brightness, contrast, color vibrant original color can be brought back to the images. Sometimes images got damage but those are very important. Those images also can be restored by color adjustment. To gain customers’ attention color adjustment is a must thing. To do color adjustment we need to work of the brightness, contrast, sharpen, warm-up, lighting effect, etc to make the images attractive on the customer eye.

Color Mode

There are two color modes in every image. Those are –
1) CMYK: CMYK means Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black mode. CMYK mode is used to printing images and also describes the printing process itself. When we print images in offset then it’s a must thing to use the CMYK mode. The CMYK mode practically or entirely works on a lighter like the white background. It also reduces the brightness from the background otherwise it would be reflected.
2) RGB: RGB means Red, Green, Blue mode.RGB mode is used for all kinds of digital images because all the electronic devices show images in RGB mode on their screens such as TV and video cameras, image scanners, video games, and digital cameras. RGB mode means a color combine with three colors red, green and blue.

Why Image Editing Media

It will save your huge time. Those you can use on your personal works or can be more concerned in your business planning. For photographers, it will also less your working hours. E-commerce owners, web owners, magazine and catalog creator companies will be very benefited cause with this service they can easily gain the customer’s attractions. So why late send us the images and get them before your deadline.