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Image Editing Media was established by two entrepreneurs who had a dream to grew up an image editing house with post-production images processing. They built Image Editing Media to gather brilliant youth guys to solve the unemployment position in Bangladesh.
Hasan Imam Khan and Shah Jalal co-founded Image Editing Media in 2011. Then they tried to gather pairs of brilliant guys who have good knowledge about Photoshop work. Together, they grew it into an image editing house over more than 10 years. Finally, they launched their website and sent offer letter over thousand of the website to get images editing the order.
The importance of product photography to e-commerce cannot be overdone. Photography and Images editing is a combination of work to look your images beautiful. Image Editing Media strive to be the world’s best images editor of visual content. Authenticity, proficiency, and dignity are the most values of Image Editing Media.

Board of Directors

The owners started the company right. But now as it is a huge company so it’s hard to run the company alone the owners. There are 3 shifts in a day to run the office & per shift lasts for 8 hours. We have more than 300 expert designers dividing into three shifts. Every shift has some teams and every team has a team leader. The leader leads him/her team to finish their jobs within their working time. This makes them the best uses of the times and also. inspires them. Following this working system, we can do more than 5000 images average per day. We have some directors of the company. They work restlessly for the company and that’s a result the company is developing day by day. We have a total of 4 directors 3 males and 1 female. 3 male directors take care of the 3 shifts. They lead all the teams of their own shifts. And our lady directors look after all the other things in the office.
There below are giving some pictures of our working moments.

Why You Should Choose Image Editing Media

We have a suitable working environment in the production house which helps the designers to do more and more images daily. Our aim is to make satisfy our clients with our extraordinary services. As we give 24 hours service then you may think how could it possible, aren’t our designers got tired? Yes, they are as they are also human. But we have 3 shift of duty in our office. Those are morning, evening and night. With the combination of this three shifts, we able to serve our clients 24 hours and that’s also easy for our designers to work 8 hours. It makes them use the full official time in their works.

We are at home in –

Just send your images for editing tasks to us and stay assured of outstanding results. Image Editing Media offers digital images editing services for both professional photographers & amateurs. Image Editing Media provide all kinds of photo editing services for a vast variety of purposes, including editing face and body photos, retouching dating/love or social networking profile photos, polishing sales and auctions business photos, fix vehicles and real estate photos, editing children and baby, animal and nature photos, etc.
Create stunning images for affordable with image editing from Image Editing Media. We are so confident of our high level of service and high quality of work that we will produce a free proof check of the first photograph for you to approve before you pay!
Image Editing Media is a global digital image editing company working with photographers, e-commerce owners from all around the world but we can offer you a personalized service according to your local requirements and standards. We free up your time so you can spend your valuable time on other areas or your business or with family & friends.
Image Editing Media highly trained images editing professionals are ready for the highest difficult jobs/order, no problem how high or bulk of the volume of images.


Image Editing Media provides editing professionals with constant training, updated software and friendly working environments. Image Editing Media editing experts are committed to delivering the highest standards on every image. The key to our continued success and supply of our unparalleled service is our dedicated brilliant team.

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Image Editing Media

Unlimited free revisions will be provided if you are not happy with edited photos. This is how we build this long-term business with our clients. If there need anything else on done images please just let us know our team will rework and will get delivery ASAP.

One by One

Each image is analyzed and worked on one by one using Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC. A consistent color correction workflow is maintained for all images maintaining the color mood of the wedding/ event.

Private & Secure

We also give strong security to our client’s data and information. We may ask you about some identifiable information to identify who you are. But your data will always be saved with you. Working together we will do talk a lot between us. So you must share some personal data with us to get conducted with you and we all ways save your data as our secret. We use software on our computer that gives the hard security to all the data. If anyone wants to share the data to anywhere or want to move or copy from the PC then he must verify that he has the permission to do that. And only the owners of this company have the permission to do it. So you can feel relax. Your photos and derivative edited images will NOT be published or accessible to any third party without your permission. Your all images and data will be secured by us. We give priority to privacy to our clients.










Our company, expert photo clipping services are very excellent

Image Editing Media has established itself as a professional clipping path service provider working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With over 250 skilled graphic designers, we are capable of providing clients with 24/7 service while ensuring quality and timely delivery of all orders. Thus, we ensure the best service in any part of the world and your satisfaction is our priority.
our company all-time open and good quality services. I have 10 Years Strong Experience in Graphics Designing & Photoshop, I Offer 100% Satisfaction. I also offer 100% Refund Guarantee. Try me I’ll Never Disappoint You. I’ll Look Forward to a Positive Response. Our services include Clipping path, Photo Masking, retouch, multipath, neck joint, Shadow creation, Color correction, Background remove and many more.
We are providing services to Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies, E-commerce Site Management Firms, Product and Fashion Photographers, Prepress Agencies, Printing & Publishing Companies around the world and fulfilling their graphics design and image editing needs.