Clipping path service is also known as deep etch or silo. Clipping path is the 1st step to edit your image. This is a must basic work of image editing. Nowadays there is much different software that can be used to do clipping an image. But as we always want the best, so we must use Adobe Photoshop. In Adobe Photoshop you will find many tools for editing images. We use the pen tool for clipping an image. The pen tool is a great thing that will help you with its easy movements to clipped images.


As we said clipping is a must basic for image editing. For the maximum of the editions, you have to clip the image 1st. As like removal background, remove any object from the photo, Change the color of the background, to make a transparent background, to change the color of the product or of the human’s clothes inside the image, and for multi clipping images clipped is a must work. There are also many more reasons to clip an image. So we can say that to edit images clipping path service is very essential.


It’s all the same as a clipping path service. In a clipping path service, we have to draw a path in a single image. But as for multi clipping service, we have to draw many paths in a single image. It’s a very hard process to give 100% quality. But we have already gained fame for our service in multi clipping. Most of the time multipath is the most important for color changing. If there are many products in a single photo but you want to change only some products photo then you must use the multi clipping service to clip the wanted products and change their color. Sometimes for catalog models, images also need to use multipath services to improve their looking, dressing etc. Such models wear many garments and fashionable products (shirts, pants, coats, watch, bracelet, shoes, etc). If you want to change the color or corrections the color of them then you must have to do multi clipping for perfect quality. Or if you want to change the tone of the skins then also need to do the multi clipping.


We do not work with any illegal companies or peoples. Ours is a govt. licensed company. But we do work with many different companies. Most of them are E-commerce owners, private clients (family photos and party photos), online business owners, Photographer, Studio owner, Catalog/Magazine creating company web designing company, Press offices and so more. There given below some company’s logo which’s images we are working with our clients.Some different companies logo.


Image Editing Media is a well-known company in the local and aboard areas. We have worked with many countries and still running working with the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, and Norway. We like to work with people all over the world. Image Editing Media is providing its service since 2010. All of our clients praise our quality and timing. Don’t believe try us once we will satisfy you cause that’s our only aim. All the members we have are highly experienced and they are able to do not only the clipping path work but also they can do all kinds of the edition which can be done by the Adobe Photoshop.